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>> check how cute he is. >> he's a popesicle. >> all right. don't forget to set your dvr so you never miss an episode of "the five." "special report" is next. is russia in the process of making a move on ukraine? and if it is, what will the u.s. do? this is "special report." good evening. i'm bret baier. we begin tonight in the volatile part of the world where a fractured ukraine is operating in the shadow of a resurgent mother russia. ukraine's deposed president has fled there, and russian fighter jets have scrambled to patrol the border. all the while, the u.s. is hoping that verbal warnings to vladamir putin will be enough. senior foreign affairs correspondent amy kellogg has the latest tonight from london.
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>> reporter: while ukraine's interim government issues proclamations about finally making the big push for european integration, the russian sflag raised in one region. pro-russian fighters took over the parliament in the capital of the southern region of crimea overnight. there are demonstrations and a call from there for a referendum on gaining greater independence from kiev. this as russian fighter jets take part in combat readiness exercises near ukraine's border. but nato secretary-general played down the significance of this. >> the russians informed us about this exercise, and the russians have made clear that this exercise has nothing to do with ongoing events in ukraine. >> reporter: white house warned russia against, quote, provocative actions, and in a twist to the story, ukraine's fugitive president viktor yanukovych issued a statement saying he's getting protection from russia. a news agency in moscow says he'll give a press conference in
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the southern city tomorrow. as the interim government is put together in kiev, the new prime minister says $37 billion in credit went missing under yanukovych and 70 billion left the country, much of it into offshore accounts in the last three years. >> translator: i want to report to you that the state treasury in ukraine was robbed and is empty. i will not promise an improvement, not today, not tomorrow. our main task is to stabilize the situation in the country. >> reporter: bret, the international community right now is scrambling to figure out how to help ukraine without any funds disappearing into a black hole. that will certainly require some reforms on the fly. the international monetary fund is sending a delegation to kiev in the coming days to try to ascertain how to make that all come together effectively. bret? >> amy, thank you. now back here to the u.s., and u.s. politics. vice president biden told democrats today to stop apologizing for their policies,
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including the obama health care plan. it's a message apparently not fully embraced by potential presidential candidate hillary clinton who says she would considerhanges to obamacare. correspondent doug mcelway has that story tonight. >> reporter: it was a nuanced criticism of obamacare from the presumed 2016 democratic presidential front-runner. in an off-camera talk in orlando the former secretary of state said, quote, i would be the first to say if things aren't working, then we need people of good faith to come together and make evidence-based changes. the remark appears to offer a window on democrats running for re-election this year and on her 2016 strategy. >> you'll notice that neither hillary clinton or any democrat that i know of, including president obama, has said specifically what changes they would implement, but it's a very poll-driven strategy. >> it's the language that she's using that's -- that says, look, it's not perfect and i'm willing to work to fix it. i think that's -- that's the only balance you can find if
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you're a democrat right now >> reporter: a new poll finds uninsured americans are more pessimistic than ever about obamacare with only 22% viewing it favorably, the lowest since 2010. but americans aren't ready to ditch t.clinton, like anyone trying to succeed a president of the same party, must find the right orbit around her predecess predecessor. >> wants his coattails for the democratic primacy and wants him to help clear the field, including pushing out his vice president joe biden, but at the same time to make herself whole for the general election but having just enough distance from the president. >> reporter: this opens the candidate up to pandering. mitt romney found that out after the primaries when an aide said of the general election it's almost like an etch a sketch, can you kind of shake it up and restart all over again. clinton, too, has been accused of pandering when she quoted a civil rights hymn but adopted the author's accent, too. >> i've come too far from where i started from. nobody told me that the road would be easy.
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>> reporter: but obamacare isn't the only minefield that clinton faces. there's benghazi and the nsa spying controversy with polls showing young democrats unhappy with the agency's intrusions, and deep dissatisfaction with washington itself may pose trouble for as consummate a washington insider as hillary clinton. bret? >> doug, thank you. as doug just said obamacare could be a major problem for democrats in the coming mid--term elections. correspondent peter doocy on what obamacare opponents are doing to try to capitalize. >> two years ago my son caleb began having seizures. >> she's only 12 years old but cali has had 16 surgeries. >> five years ago i was diagnosed with leukemia. >> reporter: sick americans are in the spotlight and ads from republicans and their allies aimed at introducing voters to the victims of obamacare. >> what am i getting in exchange for higher premiums and a smaller paycheck? >> i'm worried that we won't be able to keep the same doctor. >> the out-of-pocket costs are so high it's unaffordable. if i do not receive my
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medication, i will die. >> reporter: almost all of the $50 million spent by outside groups on political ads so far have attacked democrats on obamacare, and some of those ads have gotten under the skin of "new york times" columnist paul krugman who wrote thursday afternoon, quote, so far every single one of those sob stories has turned out to be false, echoing the senate majority leader who said this yesterday morning. >> there's plenty of horror stories being told. all of them are untrue, but they are being told all over america. >> reporter: strategists say these ads are here to stay. >> the most valuable ad is one that exposes the lies that were told to the american people. >> reporter: there are now even some democrats distancing themselves from obamacare's shake start. >> ann kirkpatrick listens and learns. it's why she blew the whistle on the disastrous health care website. >> he voted to let you to keep
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the existing health care plan and took you to task. >> reporter: others on the left are reminding constituents that they support some of the law's less controversial provisions. >> he knows we can't go back to letting insurance companies deny coverage for pre-existing conditions. >> cut waste and fraud in medicare. >> force insurance companies to cover cancer. >> reporter: some experts predict that attacks on the affordable care act will soon fade away. >> as more people get enrolled and more people have access to health care, it becomes less of a tangible issue. >> reporter: so obamacare ads are tops on tv right now, but health care was a distant second most important issue for voters in a recent fox news poll behind the economy and jobs. bret? >> peter, thank you. tens of thousands of pages of official documents that have been locked away in the vaults of the clinton presidential library longer than they should have been are now set to be released starting tomorrow.
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chief washington correspondent james rosen looks at what kinds of things we might eventually see. >> reporter: when president clinton left office, his white house turned over to the national archives 78 million pages of documents and 20 million e-mails all stored now at the gleaming clinton presidential library in little rock, arkansas. >> he wants it to be a place where people come and really study, and everything is going to be available. >> reporter: yet under the presidential records act as politico first reported some 33,000 pages that should have been disclosed over a year ago have remained under wraps in little rock. some of these papers carried the designation p2 which means they relate to federal appointments and could contain personal data about people considered for official jobs. others were designated p5 meaning they contained confidential advice given to president clinton or exchanged amongst his advisers, hillary clinton among them. would you allow the national archives to release the documents about your communications with the president, the advice you gave
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because as you well know president clinton has asked the national archives not to do anything until 2012? >> all of the records as far as i know about what we did with health care, those are already available. others are becoming available. >> reporter: presidential historian luke nicter co-editor of the nixon tapes transcripts has conducted research at seven presidential libraries. >> never seen anything quite like this. you think for a minute in terms of history, and in the 48 years that j. edgar hoover ran the fbi, even hoover's secret files did not quite reach 33,000 pages. >> reporter: late today with scrutiny on the secret files mounting, the national archives announced it would begin uploading all 33,000 pages of the withheld documents to the national archives website starting at noon central time on friday, a process that will take about two weeks to complete. even clinton allies agree the drip, drip, drip disclosure of
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'90s era documents could prove problematic as mrs. clinton mulls over another bid to hold the job her husband once had. >> while it was a successful one, i don't think at this point bill or hillary wants to relitigate issues from the past. i think they would like to look to the future. >> reporter: by way of context, the eisenhower library in abilene, kansas houses 20 million records of which 350,000 still considered to contain sensitive national security data remain classified. bret? >> james, thank you. what do you think? do you think the clinton files will produce much? do you think those documents could factor into secretary clinton's decision to run for president or not? let me know stocks were up again today, the dow gained 74 and the s&p 500 finished ahead 9 for a record close. the nasdaq was up 27.
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up next, the latest volleys in the fight over new sanctions against iran, but first here's what some of our fox affiliates across country are covering tonight. fox 31 in denver with a new trial date for accused aurora theater shooter james hole many. prosecutors will seek the death penalty. it's believed holmes will plead insanity. the trial begins october 14th. fox 2 in st. louis with high-tech software for the fire department. it gives fire fighters quick access to floor plans, hydrant locations and other critical information. this is a live look at los angeles, fox 11. the big story there tonight, again, preparations for more much-needed rain. there are still worries about mud slides and flooding in that area. some towns are even evacuating at this hour. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." eel we'll be right back. we're not sg in the kitchen. just start the slow cooker, add meat and pour in campbell's slow oker sauce.
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iran's foreign minister said today you can forget about his country dismantling any of its nuclear facilities. the minister says the program will remain intact, even as the west pursues an end to any weapons capability there. chief white house correspondent ed henry updates us tonight on the fight over new sanctions against the islamic republic. >> as president obama gears up for sensitive talks monday with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu on thorny issues from syria to iran, republican lindsey graham today charged that under political pressure from the president senate majority leader harry reid is jeopardizing america's security by not lining up new sanctions against iran. >> this administration i think is going to allow the iranians an enrichment capability and you're leading down to the road to armageddon so i'm trying to reset this before it's too late. >> reporter: reid insisted if iran fails to follow follow through on the interim nuclear agreement the senate will move quickly to pass new sanctions,
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and he claimed even the influential american israeli lobbying group apac wants to hold off on a vote over the iran sanctions bill that now has 59 bipartisan supporters. >> what they said, and i quote. stopping the iranian nuclear program should rest on bipartisan support, and there should not be a vote at this time on the measure, close quote. >> reporter: a senior official at apac, which will be hosting its annual conference next week with benjamin netanyahu speaking tuesday, pushed back on reid today, the official declaring apac strongly supports the sanctions bill pushed by democrat bob menendez. the president's fellow democrats want that vote soon. >> i don't trust the iranians, and i just think we have to hold their feet to the fire. >> top state department official wende sherman was on capitol hill pushing back with private briefings on iran, and house democratic leader nancy pelosi backed her up by warning against
3:17 pm
new sanctions that she said could throw sand in the face of negotiators. >> i think it is really important for us to give diplomacy a chance, especially since we're such a long road to get to this place. >> reporter: the tension came as the president's aides signaled he's ready to take a more hands-on role in trying to forge israeli-palestinian peace, revealing palestinian president mahmoud abbas will be at the white house march 17, two weeks after netanyahu's upcoming visit. the president has spoken twice at apac's annual conference but not next week. we's sending treasury secretary john lew and on monday it will be secretary of state john kerry who will be the point person on all these negotiations. >> ed henry, thanks. south korean officials say north korea fired suspected short-range missiles into its eastern waters today. it was an apparent effort to protest ongoing military exercises between the south and the u.s. the north calls the drills a
3:18 pm
rehearsal for an invasion. republican allegations that former acting and deputy cia director mike morrell misled congress over the white house role crafting the flawed benghazi talking points took a dramatic turn today. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge has been reporting on the morrell story for weeks and is here with the latest. good evening. >> reporter: the republican chairman of the powerful house intelligence committee told fox news that it is likely mike morrell will be recalled to testify, and investigators are also reviewing the testimony of his boss, former cia director david petraeus, to assess whether he should be recalled as well. >> we're looking at director petraeus' transcripts and reviews and looking at what information we now have available. sometimes that second interview can be equally important, and it is likely we will have director morrell up to testify before the commity. >> since retiring from the cia, morrell has taken on high-profile assignments for the obama administration and works
3:19 pm
for beacon global strategies, a d.c. firm founded by a longtime aide to hillary clinton. immediately after the attack, petraeus wrangled some lawmakers when they say he characterized benghazi consistent with the flash mob and downplayed the need to fire cia mortars on the an exand other testimony is likely to be public. >> i would prefer to have an open session. i think that that would be enlightening to everyone who has concerned about what happened on that september 11th day that took the lives of our americans. >> reporter: republican senators mccain, graham and ayotte also took to the senate floor today insisting morrell should be recalled, and they said susan riggs should also testify after she recently insisted the talking points reflected the best intelligence available when she appeared on five sunday talk shows. >> we now have facts that she was absolutely wrong, and, of course, the question also remains what in the world was susan rice doing speaking that
3:20 pm
morning? >> we each speechless by what she said last sunday. we need to have her testimony before the congress to get to the bottom of why these misrepresentations were made. mr. morrell needs to be brought back before the congress, and ultimately we need a select committee. >> reporter: if they are recalled fox news asked morrell and petraeus whether they would appear voluntarily, and when we have a response we'll report that as well. bret? >> also have interview requests for both of them out. thank you. >> thank you. still ahead, will it be sink or swim for democrat in the mid terms? we may get a hint next month? first, the tea party patriots celebrate a major milestone. captain obvious: i'm in a hotel. and a hotel is the perfect place to talk to you about hotels. all-you-can-eat is a hotel policy that allows you to eat all that you can. the hotel gym is short for gymnasium. the hotel pool is usually filled with water. and the best dot com for booking hotels, is
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today after republican governor jan brewer vetoed a gop-passed bill which would have allowed denial of serviced to gay people based on religious grounds. many in the state feared economic reprisals. brewer says the bill was unneeded and bad for business. other lawmakers called it unconstitutional. today is the anniversary of one of the most successful conservative political movements of recent years. chief political correspondent carl cameron tonight with the party for the tea party. >> it's so great to see you. >> reporter: tea party patriots celebrated their fifth anniversary with a glitzy d.c.-area rally. several tea party groups are pushing petitions to boot republican john boehner as house speaker, and he faces a tea party primary in his ohio district for re-election. majority leader eric cantor has a virginia tea party rival, an economics professor, oregon's greg waldon tasked with electing republicans has a tea party challenger, too, but most veterans anticipated tea party
3:25 pm
opposition, voted accordingly and ramped up early fund-raising and organizing. >> most incumbents get re-elected in this country, and republican primary voters, for the most part, don't have very many gripes in recent years against republican office hold sneers establishment republicans have a number of aligned super pacs and party committing defending them. tea party candidates have super pacs of their own. despite pushback from the establishment, they are undaunted and defiant. >> will there be backlash? we're not talking insignificant groups or movement. there's a lot of angst amongst the grass roots conservatives. >> reporter: mitch mcconnell's riv got trounced for backing the --
3:26 pm
kansas senator pat roberts tea party, a doctor, is under fire for posting pictures of dead persons with off color captions. the american conservative union gave cochran a 64% rating last year which was the lowest score of any republican senator throughout the entire obama era. every other gop senator up for re-election this year scored better than 80% and leader mcconnell got 94. bret? >> more on this with the panel. >> attorney general eric holder is resting at home tonight after a brief stay in a washington hospital today. holder was brought in after experiencing faintness and shortness of breath during a morning meeting. why china's choking pollution might actually be a good thing for its people, so says china. and illinois residents seeking advice on obamacare may have talked to a convicted terrorist. the grapevine is next. here in pn access a philly cheesesteak
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and now some fresh pickings from the political grapevine. a terrorist from jordan briefly worked as a counsellor or navigator on behalf of obamacare in illinois. the national review reports the woman was convicted in israel for her role in several bombings, including one that killed two students. she was fired from her obamacare job when the u.s. attorney's
3:31 pm
office discovered she had lied on her immigration paperwork. the subsequent indictment says she was sentenced to life for the bombings but released after ten years in a prisoner swap. national review says a comprehensive fbi background check for oda does not list any past criminal offenses. a woman living in the district of columbia meantime says a tsa agent told her she was unsure whether a d.c. driver's license was a valid form of i.d. ashley brant tells the "washington post" an agent at the phoenix airport began to shake her head when she saw the license since d.c. is not a state. the agent asked for a u.s. passport instead. brant was eventually allowed to pass. d.c. congressional delegate eleanor holmes norton says ashley's experience, quote, has moved collective insult to personal injury. and finally, talk about a silver lining inside a really dark cloud. an admiral in china's navy says
3:32 pm
the country's dangerous levels of smog will actually protect it from new american laser weapons. news corps australia reports the admiral reports the pollution is so thick that it actually blocks sunlight. it contains tiny metallic particles that are hard for the lasers to penetrate. the u.s. navy is planning to deploy its first laser weapon on a ship later this year. an update now on a story we told you about last night. florida's special congressional election on march 11th featuring some unusual comments from a democrat about immigration. but senior national correspondent john roberts reports that is not the issue that will likely decide this race. >> reporter: special elections rarely attract as much attention as the one for florida's 13th congressional district, but with so much at stake in november what happens here could be an early indicator for how the mid-terms go.
3:33 pm
>> both parties have got their eyes focused sharply on what the obamacare issue does. does it push jolly the republican across the finish line, or does it help cink rin. >> reporter: the race is to fill the seat held by republican bill young who died last october. david jolly, a first-time candidate, worked for young in washington. democrat alex cink narrowly lost the governor's race to rick scott in 2010. at frieda's cafe in largo where they serve up politics along with the sweets we found some fierce opponents of obamacare. >> i had blue cross and blue shield, and when obamacare kicked in, i had basically i couldn't afford. it had lost coverage on my children because it was so high. >> reporter: also found one registered republican who is a fan. costume shop owner sarah paul recently signed up. >> haven't had insurance for 28 years. no joke. we couldn't afford it. >> reporter: that's the way this district is, truly 50/50. republican david jolly is hoping his push to repeal obamacare will win over voters, mindful he
3:34 pm
needs to propose alternatives. >> we can't just be the party of no. we can't just say obamacare is bad. we have to have creative solutions. >> reporter: cink is campaigning on her support for obamacare while at the same time keeping what she says is a flawed program somewhat at arm's length. >> well, i wouldn't describe my position as having embraced obamacare. there are plenty of things that are wrong with the affordable care act, and let's get to work to fix them. >> reporter: there are other issues in this special election as well. sink's status at an outsider from a neighboring district, jolly's past is a lobbyist and sink's comments at a candidate's forum on tuesday on why immigration reform is important to florida's vast tourism industry. >> where are you going to get people to work to clean out the hotel rooms or do our landscaping? >> reporter: but analysts believe the race and the fortunes of the democratic party will turn on obamacare. >> the obamacare issue has become a surrogate for how they feel about washington. is it broken? can it be fixed.
3:35 pm
>> reporter: while the outcome of this special election likely won't affect control of the house, even in november, it is seen as an important test of messaging. if sink loses or even if jolly can keep it very close, watch for republicans to double down on their attacks against democrats on obamacare. bret? >> john, thank you. the hillary documents postponed. the hillary comments postscript. we'll talk about all that have with the fox all stars after a break. [ male announcer ] these days, a small business can save by sharing.
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test test. test test. they are moving and they are releasing as they do their process, and i am fully in favor of that. and i think that, you know, the archives will continue to move as rapidly as its circumstances and processes demand. >> if as i suspect the vast majority of those 78 million documents haven't been reviewed, it just opens up the possibility
3:39 pm
for, again, more controversy, more distracting comments from both the clintons' point of view and i guess president obama would best be left for another day. >> there are 78 million documents at the clinton library, some 20 million e-mails, all stored there. tomorrow we're expected to get access, finally, a year late, to about 33,000 of those documents. we don't know really what's in them. james rosen reported some of the possibilities a little bit earlier. meanwhile, hillary clinton out giving speeches, and with an interesting back and forth on health care saying essentially i would be the first to say if things aren't working then we need people of good faith to come together and make evidence-based changes to obamacare. with all of this, let's bring in
3:40 pm
our panel. judge andrew napolitano, juan williams columnist with the hill and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. >> first of all, the presidential records act, politico first reporting, say they should have come out already, all these records. now because of all the focus and scrutiny we're likely to get a first look at some of them tomorrow, but what about this? >> well, we have a president in the white house who thinks he can change the effective dates of laws so obviously he's of the opinion that he doesn't have to release these documents, perhaps as a courtesy to former president clinton or to mrs. clinton. his only basis for not releasing them is to say executive privilege. his executive privilege, not bill clinton's and mrs. clinton, of course, didn't have executive privilege t.only belongs to the president. the longer they wait, the worse it is for her because the closer in time it now becomes when she presumably will seek the democratic nomination, and who knows what's in there. we may find out that the hillary care that she originally
3:41 pm
proposed was far worse than the obamacare we got, and that's going to pin her to the wall talking about nothing but that once it comes out, but i'm speculating because i don't know what's in there. >> juan, what about these? >> well, i think the keep point is that she's the leading democratic possible candidate for the presidency, and so i think for people who are wondering how you possibly can derail this ship that has so much momentum behind her, poll numbers are incredible among democrats right now with more than 70% support, they are looking at this as a possible way that you might find something. it could be about hillary care, as the judge was suggesting. it could be about the pardon of someone like mark rich, two of the key areas in which these documents have been kept private have to do with presidential appointments and advice given to the president. well, in both of these cases, you have some confidential material. you can understand why some of it may not have been opened last year at the 12-year benchmark, but the question becomes if that
3:42 pm
material is made public and it's sensitive, is it possible that hillary clinton, therefore, said something, did something that will give ammunition to her critics? >> i mean, charles, just to put it in perspective, and james d.eisenhower library in kansas, 20 million records, 350,000 are still national security sealed. you're talking about 78 million pages of documents. we're only getting a teaspoon in the ocean here of the clinton documents as this will likely be released along the way. >> i think it likely will, and that's why i think it's to her advantage, especially since it's now an issue. get it out of the way. otherwise, the issue of concealment will dog her and there will be all kinds of speculation. i suspect that in the end there's less here than meets the eye, and i think it would be in her -- if there's anything in there, get it out now. we're more than two and a half years before the election. nobody will remember, it i mean, unless it's just something
3:43 pm
that's staggering which i can't imagine. we had the story a few weeks ago from the beacon in which they had notes and comments and impressions from her best friend, and there was nothing smoking there that i think would injure her. i -- i found it fascinating that clip you showed is from six and a half years ago in which she says the archive is moving as rapidly as circumstances -- six and a half years and you're still trying to work it out. i think this will end up as not a lot there, a little smoke and not a lot of fire, and i suspect they are going to release all this stuff, except perhaps personal stuff on nominees who were never nominated, and you want to keep that confidential. >> i had that quote about fixing obamacare. here's another positive thing she said about obamacare last night. >> ultimately having access to health insurance no connected to
3:44 pm
employment subsidized as it is under the affordable care act liberates you to choose what you want to do in your life. you don't have to take a job, as so many people in my generation did just to have health insurance. >> she went on to talk about how liberating that was for young people. >> you've got to be a little bit careful with that line of argument. you want to make the argument that it allows you to choose among jobs. you don't go to jay carney way in which it's a wonderful thing that you can actually not work, have your health insurance and have the next guy subsidize you, so i think she's smart enough and she's not going to make that mistake, but i think her position on health care is exactly the right one. if you are her, you say it's a great idea. of course there are flaws in it, and i would work with people of goodwill to fix anything in it.
3:45 pm
it insulates her from the details of the bill, especially the ones that are injuring folks and she remains a champion of universal health care so i think she threads the needle very well. >> and i think she turns off the tens of millions of young people who say i'm healthy. mine is not being subsidized. i'll be damned if i'm going to pay for it. >> look, her argument is not to use the word subsidy. she'll simply say you'll have choices. >> she didn't use the word subsidy. >> what she implying is the government will help you if you're changing jobs. i'm not sure a lot of young people will object. >> one more thing, juan. we had jeb bush give a speech up in new hampshire last week. i think it was last week, and he was asked about if he was going to run for president, and if his name would hurt him, and he said this. it's something that if i run i would have to overcome that and so will hillary, by the way. let's keep that same standard
3:46 pm
for everybody. >> yeah. i think, you know, there's a lot of people who think that this is not a monarchy. we don't go from one rein to the next, the clintons to the bushes and back to the clintons, and for them they have lots of baggage, lots of history to overcome. that's why we're having a discussion about the presidential library files and the issue of transparency and don't forget what happened with hillary care. >> i don't hear that argument. i always hear the bush name will be such a problem. >> it is a problem. >> if jeb bush runs but nobody says the clinton name will be such a problem if hillary runs. >> i think people do say that, especially among democrats, let me just tell you, that people who have had, an even the "new york times" had a front page magazine article that had different spheres of influence and how these spheres now have to come back together in the competition for who has access and who is the spokesman and who is this and who is that in hillary world. that is part of this story. >> next up, the tea party patriots turn 5 years old.
3:47 pm
♪ see what's new at well, not exactly like yours.
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what you did for america is stellar it was life changing to the life blood of this nation. because you and the movement that we represent took the gavel out of nancy pelosi's hand in 2012. you did that. [cheers and applause] >> if we want a a bigger crowd and we want to win politically, our message has to be a happy message. one of optimism. one of inclusiveness. one of growth. >> well, today is the five year anniversary of the tea party patriots. and it spurred a lot of different things around the country. really one of the most
3:51 pm
successful conservative movements in the country. we're back with the panel. really it started out getting a lot of ridicule. not only from democratic lawmakers but the president himself at times calling out the tea party and today, progressives and democrats saying they shouldn't have done that take a listen to a look back at today. >> over the last couple of days where people have been having these rallies. become taxes. you would think they would be saying thank you. [ laughter ] that's what you would think. >> i think that progressives like myself have made the mistakes of sort of laughing at them and being very dismissive of them. i think that's very dangerous. while they have been a double-edged sword for the republican party because certainly they slot themselves in the foot with candidates that are just too
3:52 pm
crazy. at the same time they come out to vote. >> judge, what about tea party? >> well, i agree with tara dowdell who was just on there that the tea party is a force to be reckoned with and the democrats and the republicans mock them at their peril. listen, i remember 1976, ronald reagan against gerald ford and the establishment republicans ridiculed reagan as being crazy and extremist and a bomb thrower and an actor and intellectually incompetent and of course he was the greatest force for conservative principles in governance in the post world war era and proved enormously successful. to me, the tea party are the true republicans who are most faithful to the constitution who represent small government and maximum individual liberty and the appropriate balance what the federal government should do and what the states should be doing. and republicans who deviate from that, like john boehner and company, like the leadership in the house and the senate will do so at their peril. >> what do you think of the peril of -- power of the tea
3:53 pm
party now, charles? >> i think it has been a very positive influence. the power, i think, is one that could easily have remained outside of the republican tent. if you take the really long view, when the tea party movement started, had a choice. it could have been a third party. you think of the radicals on the left in the 1960's. the integration into that of the democratic party was extremely unsuccessful. it cost them elections in '68 and '72. and it hurt them for decades. i think there has been a relatively successful integration, even though there is a lot of, you know, complaints inside of the party. and i think it's really the mainstream media and some conservatives, i think, overemphasize the debates. i think they are largely about tactic its, but they are not about principle. the idea of a smaller government, less regulation, less taxation is in the reagan tradition. and it's -- the tea party people who insist on it a
3:54 pm
little bit more. >> juan? >> i was just a little bit shocked by what charles said because covering politics in this town just recently to watch what happened between mitch mcconnell and ted cruz i don't think there is any question there is a big split between establishment republicans and people who identify themselves as tea party republicans going back to last year with the government shutdown. tremendous split between establishment republicans and tea party republicans. >> that's about taxes. >> if you look over the history of the tea party, i think it starts largely as an effort of direct mail people, some of them out in california, to raise money to appeal to the anger over obamacare in those town hall meetings. it has grown since then tremendously. the watershed moment, obviously 2010 with the election of 63 republicans and the gaining of control as michele bachmann said of the house of representatives. the consequence of that has been the political polarization, the gridlock, the obama hatred that we have seen dominate the
3:55 pm
political landscape since that moment. >> but i will challenge you there, juan, currently, it does not look like the tea party in candidates and primaries are positioned very well currently. for example, in colorado, ken buck has just stepped out of that race for u.s. senate there are other races in which tea party candidates are not leading in the primaries. and that the establishment candidates are actually doing well with the support of many tea party groups. it's also important to note the tea party is not monolithic. it is many different -- >> -- that's what i said right from the start it starts with the direct mail thing. but i don't understand how you are challenging me because what you are seeing now is an establishment republican response that says we he have to do more at the primary level to try to pick candidates because they remember christine o'donnell. they remember sharon angle. and so they remember that, in fact, there are people who would say republicans should have the majority of the u.s. senate today if it wasn't for the tea party. >> 10 seconds, judge. >> in the house of representatives would have a
3:56 pm
democratic speaker were it not for the tea party. >> that was five. pretty good. that's it for the panel. stay tuned for nickname lost in translation. for over a decade
3:57 pm
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finally tonight we told you guzman was arrested over the weekend. he was extremely dangerous. one late night comedy host pointed out his nickname doesn't seem to fit. >> the capture of one of the most wanted drug in the world. mexican drug lord known as el l chapo ending. >> el chapo translates to shortstop person or corn porch. >> this it was a true mastermind and lethal. he was responsible for more dead americans than usama bin laden. >> suddenly corn porrige sounds like understatemented
4:00 pm
nickname. be like finding out hitler's friends called him lil snitsel. >> that's it for "special report" tonight. greta is "on the record" now. tonight, the tea party is celebrating. what are they celebrating? well, you are going to go to the party a little later. right now the obamacare horror show goes on. >> there is plenty of horror stories being told. >> i'm going to have to be dealing with patients who could get taken off the drug that is now stabilize blizzed and kept them from being disabled. >> all of them are untrue. >> our family, our premiums increased from $440 a month to $920 a month. >> i can't afford that i think i'm going to let it go and hope i can et stay healthy. >> all of them are untrue. my wife was diagnosed with stage 4 brain and bone cancer. we received this letter

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